Biodiversity / Climate Change / East Africa / ILRI / Pastoralism

Adaptation to climate change: perceptions of livestock-dependent farmers on opportunities for change in arid and semi arid areas of Kenya

Abstract: Climate change poses serious threats to development in sub-Saharan Africa (Scholes and Biggs, 2004), where significant social and natural changes are occurring (Rosensweig et al., 2008). Many developing countries, specially in Africa, are seen as being highly vulnerable to climate variability and change (Slingo et al., 2005) due to the high reliance on natural resources, limited financial and institutional structures, high poverty and lack of safety nets (Thomas and Twynman, 2005). While coping with a changing climate is not new for African farmers, existing coping mechanisms may not be effective in the face of new challenges (Thornton et al., 2009). One example of these is the dependence on migration of many of Kenya’s pastoral communities; which is a strategy becoming constrained by the lack of open land, livestock-wildlife conflicts and insecurity among others.

 Proposal for doctoral research, Presented by: Carlos F. Quiros Campos

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