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Celebrating achievement in PLE

The fresh graduate, Dr Fortunata Msoffe, Edinburgh, November 2010

The People Livestock and Environment team in Nairobi is in a celebratory mood. On the 24th of November, two new Doctors of Philosophy graduated from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. A party will be held 9th December 2010, in honor of Dr. Fortunata Msoffe and Dr. David Nkedianye.

Colleagues, friends and mentors have been sending messages of congratulations ever since the news was broken by Dr. Jan de Leeuw, Team Leader of the Reducing vulnerability of livestock-based livelihoods, ecosystem goods and services in pastoral and agropastoral Systems where the two new doctors have been attached.

Said de Leeuw in his message: “Doing a PhD is one thing, bringing it to a good end is another thing and an outstanding achievement. Let me congratulate Fortunata and David on behalf of all of us… “”

Other messages of congratulations came from Shirley Tarawali, PLE Theme Director who told the pair:

Congratulations Fortunata and David, and to everyone who has supported them in innumerable ways. I hope I’ll be around in Nairobi on 9th
Shirley Tarawali, PLE Theme Director

Most wonderful news!! My biggest congratulations to Dr. Msoffe and Dr. Nkedianye!!! I know it has been a long road, but you worked very hard, persisted to reach a major lifetime achievement and did an excellent job in the process.

And thanks very much to the fine ILRI team who supported David and Fortunata from the first day of their PhDs to the last.

And know I am there with you in spirit at your dinner celebration— (Who’s next?)
Robin Reid – (she headed the project when the two scholars began their long journey)

Dear Doctors!
Well done! It was a long but worthwhile trip! You excelled and showed that you have what it takes to do a PhD. I have no doubt that you will be an inspiration to others.
I look forward to seeing you on the 9th.

Kindest regards
Mario Herrero
Team Leader
Sustainable Livestock Futures Programme

Hearty congratulations, Dr Nkendianye and Dr. Msoffe!
I will, unfortunately miss your party on the 9th, but I share in your grand achievement and success

Philip Osano
Current PLE PhD Candidate

A big congratulations to Fortu and David. You are an inspiration to those of us still on the long road to Doctorhood!

I’ll unfortunately miss your dinner on the 9th, but hope to see both of you soon.

Kind regards,
Claire Bedelian
Current PLE PhD candidate

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