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Landsberg joins PLE

Florence Landsberg joined the PLE team as a visiting scientist in January. She is supporting the team in Nairobi on the Development of Prototype Tools to Support Resource Mapping, Land Use Development and Planning in Kenya’s Arid and Semi-Arid Lands. The project aims to produce learning materials for college and high school students to help them appreciate the use of mapping and data in long term planning and policy making.  This project builds on the successes of Nature’s Benefits in Kenya: An Atlas of Ecosystems and Human Well-Being, a project that saw the team produce an atlas that shows the location of natural resources in Kenya. 

Landsberg has been working as a Researcher at the World Resources Institute (WRI), a think-tank based in Washington DC. Over the last 5 years, she has had many opportunities to collaborate with ILRI, mainly on producing Nature’s Benefits in Kenya: An Atlas of Ecosystems and Human Well-Being ( and Mapping a Better Future: Spatial Analysis and Pro-Poor Livestock Strategies in Uganda ( An Agronomy Engineer with a Masters degree in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems ( GIS).

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