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University of Southampton student joins PLE

Saidimu: Exposure to scientists with interests similar to mine is a great experience

Saidimu T Leeseto from the University of Southampton has joined the People Livestock and Environment team in Nairobi. A PhD candidate at the University’s school of Management, Saidimu is interested in climate risk (mainly droughts) focusing on the impact on social and economic well being.  He is currently collecting his doctoral research data in Samburu, Kenya. He is examining Risk Management focusing on the “The Role of Risk Management in Pastoral Policy Development and Poverty Reduction: A System Dynamics Approach”.
“PLE hosts scientists in my area of interest and in joining the department I will be able to interact with them at both the professional and personal level”, says Saidimu. He continues to say that a thorough literature synthesis also indicates that many studies have ILRI-PLE collaboration thus making it appropriate to join the team and explore areas of future collaboration.

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