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New Year, new beginnings for PLE

Jimmy Smith

ILRI DG: Jimmy Smith announced the far reaching changes

The start of a new year is for many of us, a time for reflection, a time for resolutions and often re-organisation of personal goals to meet our resolutions. For the People Livestock and Environment Theme, a new beginning is literally happening.

A new Theme Director, Dr Iain Wright takes over the mantle from 23 January 2012 (announced Dec 19, 2011 here).  A new research team – the ‘Sustainable Livestock Futures’ group, led by Dr. Mario Herrero, has also been incorporated in to PLE. However, the name remains the same. Mario’s group will continue to provide leadership at the institutional level with respect to work on sustainable futures.

As ILRI and the parent group the CGIAR move into new ways of collaborating in research, several PLE scientists will be actively engaged in carrying forward the CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs). These will be Mario Herrero leading the work on ILRI aspects CRP 7: Climate change; Polly Ericksen coordinating CRP 1.1: Drylands; while Alan Duncan will coordinate CRP1.2: Humid tropics.  Jan de Leeuw will coordinate CRP 5: Land, water and ecosystems.

In making the announcement, ILRI Director General Dr Jimmy Smith said: “As we move into new research planning and funding situations, we need to adjust the ways we organize ourselves to meet our commitments and maximize synergies across the institute“.

He said the, the Management Committee agreed to the changes, in late 2011. However, he added, “these are not set in stone and will evolve and be adapted as we proceed”.

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