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ILRI post-doc Didier Zida returns to Burkina Faso

Didier Zida, a post-doctoral scientist has returned to Burkina Faso following a six- month stint with ILRI’s People, Livestock and Environment theme in Nairobi.

Zida, returned to INERA after six months with PLE

Zida is also working with PLE to implement the Livelihood diversifying potential of livestock based carbon sequestration options in pastoral and agro pastoral systems in Africa project. He said at the farewell party that the opportunity given to him by ILRI along with other collaborators to undertake his post-doctoral research within the ILRI scientific community was immeasurable.

He came to ILRI knowing nothing about geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing, yet his research demanded dealing with these two methods endlessly. As he left ILRI, Zida was a GIS and remote sensing specialist, and that expertise will certainly benefit his future research work.

In spite of limited time, he was able to apply himself to his work and to forge good relationships with other ILRI members.

‘I believe these networks are a basis for future collaboration. I look forward to collaborating with the PLE team while implementing the livelihood diversification project’, he said.

He hopes that the collaboration between ILRI and the institution he is affiliated to (the Institute of Environment and Agricultural Research – INERA) and such exchange training programs will continue in the future.

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