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Indian dairy farmers learn better feeding methods to improve milk production

Ninety six dairy farmers (96) among them 44 females have been trained on “Feeding strategies to improve dairy production in Samastipur District of Bihar”. The one-day training programme was organised by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and partners of Bihar, India.

The main purpose of the training held March 30, 2012 was to create awareness among milk producing communities about the importance of a balanced ration feeding to dairy cattle. The farmers were introduced to the nutritive quality of locally available feeds and fodders and the proper utilization to improve the production of dairy cattle.

Most of the dairy farmers of this region have been utilizing one or two home-made feed ingredients as concentrate to feed dairy cattle along with wheat bhusa/chaffed paddy straw and green fodder to some extent. Only farmers with a strong financial background are using commercial marketed concentrate mixture.

Dr. S. P. Sahu, Consultant of ILRI discussed the protein, energy, minerals, salt and vitamins requirements of dairy cows so as achieve an adequate amount for efficient milk production and better reproductive efficiency. He stressed that high quality forage complemented with balanced concentrate mixtures made of locally available feed ingredients helps improve the quality of milk.

Many dairy farmers who took part in previous feeding trials shared their experiences and benefits with the participants. A demonstration session following the training helped the dairy farmers to learn how to prepare the balanced concentrate mixture manually using locally available feed ingredients at cheapest cost without compromising the nutritive quality of concentrate mixtures.

The training was oganised under the Cereal System Initiative South Asia (CSISA) project which seeks to decrease hunger and malnutrition and to increase food and income security of resource-poor farm families in South Asia through the accelerated development and inclusive deployment of new varieties, sustainable management technologies, and policies.

The projects’ key objectives are the widespread delivery and adaptation of production and post-harvest technologies to increase cereal production and raise incomes; crop and resource management practices for sustainable future cereal-based systems and introduction of high-yielding, abiotic stress-tolerant, and disease- and insect-resistant rice and wheat varieties and hybrids for current and future cereal and mixed crop-livestock systems.

Other aims include introduction of high-yielding, heat-tolerant and disease-resistant maize inbred lines and hybrids for current and future cereal and mixed crop-livestock systems, technology targeting and improved policies for inclusive agricultural growth and the creation of a new generation of scientists and professional agronomists for cereal systems research and management.

Partners in the project are the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the United States Agency for International Development and the International Rice Research Institute.

22 thoughts on “Indian dairy farmers learn better feeding methods to improve milk production

  1. could you list out the ingredients which are to be put to make a healthy diet foe milch cows and in what quantity. this will help the farmer to prepare his feed at home,Bhupee..

    • Dear Bhupee and Nitin, Thanks for your interest in our work, may i suggest that you kindly send us your contacts so that we are able to get in touch with you with more specific information.

      • Hi Janeh,
        Looking for alternative feeding options to control production cost.
        Contact me @ +91 89400 04386 or my email

      • Dear Raj,
        I am not sure of your location so I am unsure of who in particular to direct you. However, in most of the countries that we work with, the national agricultural research institutes do help or have access to organisations that do and can direct you to them. Please check with them. Thank you. Jane, Editor

      • Hello

        I wish to start dairy farm with capacity of 20 cows (nearby) in Kutch region.
        Please help me to know about the Indian breeds of cow with their yields & fat % and also want to know about the food (TMR).

        Trupti V. B.

  2. Hi Team,

    I am also interested to gather the information about ingredients which make healthy diet & improve Milk fat…


  3. hi! Team
    i want to set a small dairy farm consisting of 10 hf cows,please guide about the feeding process.

    p k yadav

    • Dear P.K.Yadav,
      the narional agricultural research institute is best placed to advice on the specifics. Please get in touch with them. thanks very much. Jane, Editor

  4. Hi Jane,

    I am interested in scientifically developing cattle feed using locally available materials for indigenous cattle. Kindly get in touch with me so that we could all benefit from your knowledge.

    best regards,


  5. Hi Sir,

    I’m interested in setting up the cattle farm. Need your help in getting the information. Please let me know how i can contact you.

    Ravi Neelam.

    • Dear Ravi,
      Thank you for your interest. I am not sure of your location so I am unsure of who in particular to direct you. However, in most of the countries that we work with, the national agricultural research institutes do help or have access to organisations that do and can direct you to them. I wish you a profitable livestock keeping business! Thank you. Jane, Editor

  6. I just want o know more and more about dairy farming like about cow’s diet for better milk in time of pregnancy and also about lactation system during pragnency what’s the best diet for cowslike hf jersey and gir i live in seoni m.p. I want to participate in some type of dairy camp where i learn about dairy because in future i wanna open a big dairy farm

  7. I need a dairy expert for setup my dairy farm near in my area please suggest some one who guide me for dairy farming my mobil no is 9806854165 and i live in seoni m.p.

  8. sir
    mere pas 6 Cows hai jinme 3 HF or 3 Sanker nasl ki hai. Enki milk capasity 10 Se 16 Lit./day hai. Mai janna chata hu ki enko kam kharch me kaise samtulit khana diya jay taki ye sabhi mere liya labhdayak ban sake. Abhi mai enko
    gehu chokar, maki, raharbhussi,badam khali, or sarso khali ke mishran ko 5kg/day/cow ke hisab se deta hu.

  9. Dear sir I have planned to start a dairy farm with 10 HF. Could you please let me know what kind of feed should be given to cows and the ratio. My location is tamilnadu

  10. Dear Jane Gitau and the research team,

    I am a German student doing an internship at a small dairy farm in Tamil Nadu.
    We, too, are curious about the details of the feeding scheme.
    Would it be possible to get in touch via my email?

    Many thanks in advance, and kind regards,

  11. I wish start cow husbandry and dairy in bhojpur, bihar. Please tell me best suitable cow for bhojpur bihar. And also milk gainer food

  12. M going to start 15 HF cow project please guide me about feeding process, feeding mixtures etc

    Mr. Priyal Kumar Amin
    Add:- Virsad .388580. Anand district(Gujarat) India
    Email:- priyal29amin@
    Contact:- +91-9904590660

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