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Natural Resources expert joins ILRIs People Livestock and the environment team

Lance W. Robinson has joined ILRIs People Livestock and the Environment theme as post-doctoral scientist based in Nairobi. He will be working with the team Reducing Vulnerability of Livestock Based Livelihoods working on climate change and the vulnerability of marginal systems and peoples.

His areas of expertise include capacity strengthening, drylands, environment, livelihoods, pastoralism, resilience and water.  Consequently, he will be linked to two CRPs – CGIAR Research Program on climate change, agriculture and food security and the CGIAR Research Program on integrated agricultural production systems for the dry areas.

Lance has over ten years’ experience working with NGOs and as a consultant in Latin America, Africa and Asia. He has worked in environmental governance and social-ecological resilience in pastoralist systems. His PhD research among Kenyan pastoralists focused on the connection between social-ecological resilience and the approaches to participation used by formal sector agencies working with pastoralists. Since completing his PhD, his research work has centered on participatory and community-based approaches to environmental governance.

One thought on “Natural Resources expert joins ILRIs People Livestock and the environment team

  1. Hi Lance,

    Am an MSc student looking to do my dissertation on environmental governance with special interests on those whose livelihood depends on livestock as they are the most vulnerable
    I was wondering if you allow any partnership of a kind with Masters students.



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