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Does it matter, what you feed your domestic animals?

APM 2010: Michael Blummel and Susan MacMillanPLE scientist, Michael Blümmel, will give the first of a series of seminars on the ground breaking research that ILRI scientists are involved in. An animal nutritionist of repute, Blümmel has experimented and published widely on the more efficient feeding of livestock so that feeds take less land surface. Another dimension of his work is the use dual purpose crops – food for human and by-products as feed for animals to ensure greater efficiency in the systems.

Why do crop by-products matter so much? Why does fodder quality in food crops matter? Can we improve food-feed crops?  How and by how much and what will be the overall impact on livestock productivity and the environment? These are some of the questions that the Hyderabad=based Blummel will attempt to answer as he presents the first Institute Seminar at the John Vercoe Auditorium at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) on Wednesday 26th September. ‘Livestock live talks’ is the name of the new series of high-level monthly institutional one-hour seminars hosted by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

The new seminar series aims to address livestock-related issues, mobilize external as well as in-house expertise and audiences and engage the livestock community around interdisciplinary conversations that ask hard questions and seek to refine current concepts and practices.

ILRI’s director general, Jimmy Smith, explains: ‘We want to provide a space and platform for conversations around pro-poor livestock for development issues’.

‘Livestock live talks’ will be held monthly, usually on the last Wednesday of the month, from 3–4pm. They will be conducted live from ILRI’s principal institutional bases in Nairobi and Addis Ababa, with some talks later generated in other regions. WebEx will be used to give all ILRI staff and partners the opportunity to listen to, and participate in, these new livestock talks. More on these seminars.

Make a date with Blümmel today at 3 pm.

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