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New frontiers for forage research in southern Africa

Godfrey Manyawu

Manyawu, starting PLE research in southern Africa

Research on forages just got a boost with the arrival of Godfrey Manyawu to the People Livestock and Environment theme (PLE) of  ILRI. He joins the theme as project coordinator for “Integrating crops and livestock for improved food security and livelihoods in rural Zimbabwe”.Manyawu, who is an expert in livestock production and forage sciences, will open new frontiers for PLE, which is just beginning its research work in southern Africa. Manyawu’s work will greatly complement the work that is also beginning under the CRP arrangements on the Dryland Systems and the Humid Systems.

He holds a PhD in Livestock Production from the University of Zimbabwe, an MSc in Grassland Science from Reading University (UK), and a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science from the University of Zimbabwe.  He has a strong background in agricultural research, including 9 years in research administration of Government and donor funded programmes and 6 years in production-oriented directorship positions at parastatal, private sector and NGO institutions. He has also travelled extensively within Eastern and Southern Africa.

His research experience has centred mainly on developing appropriate forage-based feeding systems for smallholder dairy production, as well as large-scale dairying. He served as advisor to poIicy-makers, different categories of farmers in the farming community, boards of agricultural colleges, post graduate students in agriculture, private companies and development agencies in Zimbabwe.

Godfrey has written and taught extensively on forage-based livestock production systems. He is married and has a wife and four children.

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