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Blummel appointed to Livestock and Fish leadership team

ILRI's Michael Blümmel in an experimental sorghum field in India Michael Blummel, a scientist with the People Livestock and the Environment (PLE) theme, will lead  the Feeds Component of CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish.  This means he will take primary responsibility for working with a team of scientists assembled across the four Centres working on this project, to define and implement the research agenda concerning feeds to achieve the objectives set by the program to transform selected livestock and fish value chains to produce more food and income for the poor.

This program, led by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), aims to increase the productivity of small-scale livestock and fish systems in sustainable ways, making meat, milk and fish more available and affordable to poor consumers across the developing world. The other three centers are the WorldFish Center,Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT) and International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA).

Blummel continues to be responsible for the PLE Team on Environmentally Efficient Production Options for Intensifying Livestock Systems. He is based in Hyderabad, India with projects in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

The other Component Leaders are Phil Toye, (Animal Health Component), Mwai Okeyo, (Livestock and Fish Genetics Component), Iheanacho Okike, (Value Chain Development Component), An Notenbaert,(Targeting Component and Kathy Colverson, (Gender and Learning Component. They will join the Program Director Tom Randolph.

In announcing the Leadership Team, ILRI director general, Jimmy Smith said: “Within ILRI, the Component Leaders face the challenge of helping us adapt to the world of the CGIAR research programs and the reality that we will be working more and more in a matrix model. They will be responsible for ensuring that across its various research groups, ILRI delivers on time and to specification the outputs agreed with the program. This is a critical role if ILRI is to grow its research agenda within the Livestock and Fish program, and I am giving the Component Leaders my full support, empowering them to perform their leadership roles, and ask that you also make every effort to ensure their success”.

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