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Four scientists in the Animal Science team named to management roles

Saskia Hendrickx

Saskia Hendrickx, new country representative for Mozambique

Four scientists in the Animal Science for Sustainable Productivity (ASSP) program have  joined  program director Iain Wright in heading the newly established ILRI country offices.

The four are Amos Omore who will head the Tanzania country office, Danilo Pezo   (Uganda),  Saskia Hendrickx (Mozambique) and Mohamed Ibrahim (Pakistan). They  effectively become  ‘Country Representatives’ from January 1, 2014. Iain Wright’s role as    the DG’s Representative  and head of ILRI’s principal campus in Ethiopia, effectively makes him    the country  representative.

Amos Omore, Veterinary epidemiologist, Market Opportunities

Amos Omore, new country representative  for Tanzania

Until now, ILRI staff who are based outside of Nairobi and Addis Ababa  have been working on projects and operated in the project countries only for the length of the project. The Institute now wants to strengthen its programs and presence in different regions of the world as part of its growth strategy.

Other country offices established are Nigeria (headed by Iheanacho Okike), Burkina Faso (Abdou Fall who is the regional representative for West Africa), India (Purvi Mehta who is also the regional representative for South Asia) Vietnam (Lucy Lapar), China (Xianglin Li) and Steve Staal becomes the South East Asia representative.

While making the announcement, the director general Jimmy Smith said:  “This will ensure that ILRI has a mechanism for coordinating work within those countries, building partnerships, engaging with stakeholders and identifying opportunities for resource mobilization”.

Iain Wright

Iain Wright, Programme Leader, Animal Sciences for Sustainable Productivity. He  doubles as Director Generals representative and country representative in Ethiopia.

Danilo Pezo

Danilo Pezo, new country representative, Uganda

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