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Training manual on artificial insemination in goats for Pakistan

South Asian countries, notably Pakistan, being one of the centres of livestock domestication are endowed with diverse livestock genetic resources, in particular goats and sheep.Better genetic management (i.e. improvement and conservation) is key to sustainable utilization of such genetic diversity.

Traditionally in Pakistan, every year, millions of genetically “superior” indigenous bucks and rams with faster growth rates and potential for higher carcass yields are castrated before they reach breeding age, thus are unable to transmit such genetic superiority to the subsequent generations. This is a routine practice by farmers involved in rearing goats for ‘Eid’ sacrificial purpose and leads to continuous negative genetic selection. This practice is undesirable in the long run, as it has resulted in scarcity of quality breeding bucks.

This manual on artificial insemination (AI) in goats has been developed to help ensure sustainable availability of good quality goat breeding males in Pakistan.

It is aimed at AI technicians, herd managers and animal health service providers in the livestock sector. It is designed to complement classroom training as well as a refresher manual for service providers in order to
optimize breeding and reproductive performance of dairy goat herds for improved productivity.

Its development was supported by the ‘Agricultural Innovations Program (AIP) for Pakistan’ led by CIMMYT and funded by USAID.

Download the manual

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