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N2Africa Ethiopia review and planning meeting focuses on public-private partnerships

Poster Q&A

The N2Africa-Ethiopia project held its third Annual National Partners Review and Planning Workshop from 27-29 January 2016. The main objectives of the workshop were to review achievements, lessons learned, challenges encountered during the 2015 season and to plan project activities for 2016 season.

Dr. Siboniso Moyo, program leader for Animal Science for Sustainable Productivity and ILRI Director General’s representative in Ethiopia highlighted that the N2Africa has made significant progress since its launch in 2014. During its first year, the project promoted legume production technology among smallholder farmers in collaboration with only a handful of partners.

Currently, N2Africa collaborates with about 30 partner institutions in many target Woredas (districts) and has established seven functional PPPs (private public partnerships) to strengthen legume value chain activities (technology dissemination, input supply and output market linkages).

The N2Africa-Ethiopia country coordinator, Dr. Endalkachew Wolde-meskel, presented the overall achievements of the project during 2015 and indicated the tasks that the project should focus on in the coming season. He particularly emphasized the strengthening of the Farmers’ Cooperative Unions as a bridge for input supply and output market linkages, research on rhizobiology and non-responsive soils, gender issues, agribusiness and strengthening of market access to bring about economic benefit to smallholders.

During the workshop, the seven PPP clusters (North, South, Southeast, Central, Chewaka, Jimma and Pawe) presented their progress and future plans with a focus on ensuring long-term sustainability, knowledge transfer, legume technology dissemination, efficient input supply chains and access to markets.

Progress in the private public partnerships were a major focus of the workshop and the cluster presentations generated critical discussion, suggestions and feedback.

Complementing the formal presentations, a series of posters by private companies and cooperative unions gave insights from the private actors. Download the posters:

Read the full new item on the N2Africa website

See the event wiki page with notes on the discussions

Some project photos


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