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Economic impacts of AIP-Livestock interventions in Punjab, Pakistan

Various livestock interventions in dairy value chain targeted areas of Punjab

Various livestock interventions in dairy value chain targeted areas of Punjab

Livestock-based rural livelihoods have been providing US$ 992 value addition per household in Pakistan’s GDP.

The diversification of rural livelihoods in Pakistan’s agriculture-led economy has become the most imperative phenomenon under the climate change scenario.

Therefore, introducing targeted intervention as a holistic approach is urgently needed to improve/uplift Pakistan’s agriculture-(livestock) led economy.

The AIP-ILRI project has been working on similar grounds in Pakistan since mid-2014. The results reveal that the animal health intervention targeting foot and mouth disease alone saved 9.8 million rupees (US$ 978,419) worth of animals/production in Punjab project villages, whereas the establishment of farmer participatory model farms (14) in Punjab helps to recover 1.4 million rupees (US$ 133,333) in feed wastage annually. The water and balanced feeding intervention provided 6.2 million rupees (US$ 620,890) in benefits alone in Punjab.

Identified constraints and key issues have been effectively addressed through farmer participatory field demonstrations and targeted capacity building on specific issues, which could eventually lead to a change in farmers’ mind-set and significantly increase livestock productivity and their livelihoods.

Source: AIP Newsletter, Volume 3, Issue 2, April-June 2016 (a newsletter of the Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP) for Pakistan). AIP-Livestock is led by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in partnership with the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA). For feedback and queries, contact Ibrahim Mohammed (ILRI):

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