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Saving livestock by killing east coast fever disease

East Coast fever kills more than a million cattle each year in Africa and particularly threatens genetically improved cattle breeds, which are the most expensive and productive, says Henry Kiara, a researcher in Animal Health in the Animal Sciences for Sustainable Productivity program (ASSP). With nearly 20 years of research to his name, he should … Continue reading

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Using science to preserve culture in Rwanda

Traditional culture and science often seem to be worlds apart, but for Theogen Rutagwenda, the director general for animal resources in the Rwandan government, the two mix as naturally as salt and food. “I grew up looking after cattle and knew they were productive. Then my family moved to Uganda, where our animals died from … Continue reading

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ILRI seeks disease- and drought-resistant forages for livestock kept by smallholders

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) is evaluating drought-resistant, nutritious and palatable varieties of Napier grass to feed dairy cattle in Eastern Africa. Speaking at a seminar on ‘Napier grass diversity studies and further application to other forages in ILRI, Ethiopia’, ILRI’s genebank manager, Maria Alexandra Jorge, said Napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum) continues to be … Continue reading